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AVENPLAST specializes in plastic boilermaking , the transformation of plastic material by folding, welding, bonding , butt and hot forming by oven. In addition we have a 2 digital command centers for cutting and machining of plastic parts and non-ferrous metals (tin, brass,  nickel, copper, aluminium) and with the new machine for thin plastic cutting, cutting of flexible joints and cardboard cutting capacity 2030 mm X 4050 mm. We also have a lift crane that can raise 3.2T. We design all our parts according to your specifications and can make some changes to optimize your application from all points of view ( safety, quality, feasibility, reduction in manufacturing cost etc ...).

fabrication de cuverie plastique
2017: Avenplast has moved and expanded ... a new building in the same area of ​​activity in Roeze sur sarthe
ensemble cuverie chaine de traitement
cuve plastique en pph
We are involved in the manufacture of plastic tanks (storage tank, water tank, wine tank ...),  machine tools protection, plastic ventilation (ventilation duct, air duct, ventilation duct, industrial hood), the swimming pool equipment (prefilter pool, filter box, ladder, doors), plastic piping (tube collector), plastic support (display, pulpit, door displays, totem, stand ...) of the letter cutting, shape , drawing with or without reliefs (plexiglass cutting, non-ferrous metals ...), CNC machining (machining special parts specific) of the plastic cover (housing, bell, window, box, railings, protective wall. ..), plastic signs (plastic sign, advertising sign, street sign, sign, billboard ...), the plastic decoration (railings plexi ramp, bodyguard plexi, shelf, pull-out table, shower enclosure, sliding door, door magazine , furniture, wardrobe, desk, chard...), road sign.
Bassin plastique
fabrication de gaine de ventilation pour piscine

We manufacture our parts using modern techniques , most of these are machined , cut with great precision on our digital control. Example: holding tank , tank cover , plastic straps, plastic cone, prefilters pool, filter housing, carter machine, ventilation duct, industrial air duct
Our various suppliers have a growing number of different plastics (PEHD , PPH , PVC, PVDF, PC , PETG , PMMA, ESD) for various applications . They can provide different plate format and  different thicknesses , here are some of the most commonly used examples :

* 1000 x 2000 of 3 to 30 mm thick ,
* 1500 x 3000 of 3 to 30 mm thick,
* 2500 x 3050 of 2 to 15 mm thick,
* 2000 x 3000 of 3 to 20 mm thick

laveur de gaz pehd
AVENPLAST involved in many industries such as metallurgy, pharmaceutical, food , chemical, automotive, aerospace, surface treatment , treatment of water and air , the building, sign makers , governments , museums , private...
enseigne plastique lumineuse
collecteur pehd
Our extensive experience gained over many years in the plastic sheet metal industry has allowed us to write a quality charter :

- Welcome and listening to your needs .
- Reactivity: sending a quote quickly.
- Quality and safety of our parts .
- Timeliness of delivery.
- Recycling of plastic waste .
Call England, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Maroc, Tunisia to France :

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Tell us about your project by sending us your drawings , plans, by e -mail, or via the form. Thank you note your full contact details and all detailed information of your project ( type of parts , environment, size, quantity, material)
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